Quality and Environmental Management

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The Orchard Golf & Country Club ‘s management systems and practices are ISO CERTIFIED.

ISO 9001 is an international monitoring, auditing, and certifying system that focuses on ensuring that certified businesses deliver a consistent level of quality in its facilities, products, and services by undergoing clear and precise review processes to pass its certification criteria.

The Orchard Golf is certified by the SGS UK Ltd, issued thru ISO 9001 2008.

This is your assurance and guarantee that The Orchard maintains and delivers its facilities, products, and services to the highest standards.


Every day, more pollution is inflicted on our environs and ourselves.

Air, water, ground, plants, and creatures are being poisoned and consumed at an alarming, unacceptable rate.

We all need to do our part, big or small.

The Orchard does as much as it can.

It practices as much practical economy and sustainability in its consumption of power, water, pesticides, herbicides, and fuel.

It has converted to low-wattage, long-lasting LED lighting throughout its premises.

It has reduced its use of plastic in its bags and packaging, it filters its own drinking water, limits irrigation mostly to playing areas in its courses, recycles non-biodegradable empties, it offers organic products in its locker and salon supplies.

It encourages enlightened common sense in the consumption habits among its members, guests, suppliers, employees, contract associates – mostly everyone it gets in contact with.


There are expansive areas of habitat and wildlife protection within its grounds, where strict boundaries are drawn between the pursuit of recreational golf and the preservation and preservation of native plants and animals alike.

The Orchard Golf & Country Club has been the recipient of multi major awards for environmental responsibility. It is the 2016 Custodian of the Environment Awardee of the Asian Pacific Golf Group, alone with Citations and Distinctions from local civic groups as well as national government departments.

Illustration – Photo of Asian Golf Custodian trophy (Orchard to Provide)

Furthermore, The Orchard supports and hosts the annual Philippine Golf Course Management Conference, where foreign and local experts in the various aspects of course maintenance conduct productive seminars for the growth of technical proficiency among supervisors and managers.

Illustration – Photo of PGCM Conference (Orchard to Provide)

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